Footings & Slabs

We can pour commercial concrete pads in Perth

The most important aspect of any new commercial building, construction or project is the concrete slab and footings. Backed by years experience, no one can produce a concrete slab with as much technical knowledge or better workmanship as Modform Concreting. Every commercial concrete slab we lay, has top quality steel reinforcing and faultless formwork, the right consistency and is expertly screed by our experienced tradesmen. All of our concrete slabs are installed in accordance with Australian Standard AS 2870 and have a thickness to your enginnering specifications. They are perfectly cured to withstand shrinking and reduce cracking especially in the harsh Perth Summer

Tilt Up Panels

Modform can install concrete building panels

At Modform we specialise in Concrete Tilt Panels for any size project and have provided tilt up panels throughout construction sites in Perth. Tilt-up concrete construction is a proven method for Building Office Buildings, Retail Centres, Warehouses, Distribution Centres, Call Centres, Manufacturing Facilities and other Commercial, Mining and Industrial Structures. Concrete tilt panel and precast panel constructed buildings allow unobstructed floor areas and have great design flexibility to be customised to the individual Customer needs. Concrete panel construction allows modern and clean fa├žade design which provide attractive and therefore valuable buildings.

Car Parks & Hardstands

We offer commercial carpark concrete construction

We can provide our clients with a complete hardstand and car park construction solution. Starting with the initial design through the engineering compliance and final curing, Modform are the experienced professionals that understand the needs of commercial and industrial sectors.

As well as offering our clients car park design and construction we can also provide hardstand areas for additional storage or truck parking. Modform has designed, engineered and poured hardstands for a range of uses, from simple container storage, through to truck parking and evening mine site hardstands.

Suspended Slabs

Warehouse concrete flooring

Suspended slabs are above-ground level slabs which are not directly in contact with the earth. They are commonly used to create floors for the upper storeys of houses, but can also be sat on top of pre-constructed walls to form a ground floor. The team at Modform has the technical knowledge and experience to engineer suspended slabs to meet our customers specifications. Each suspended slab uses a galvanised steel frame as the structural support which is covered with a metal deck over which concrete is poured.

Commercial Concrete Specialists

Modform has worked hard to build a reputation for delivering quality professional concreting solutions to builders and construction companies throughout Western Australia
Our team has the experience resources & capacity to handle any size job.